The film is constructed from a series of short chapters, which are preceded by precisely measured  titles. They are the names of activities, and at the same time indicators of what follows such as the stages of production in the factory, or a report of an event written chronologically on the timeline. Here, however, instead of presenting the continuity of the whole event, we only observe its fractions, fragments of the so-called aftermaths.
For example, if we ask what in one of the scenes motivated the decision of a woman who gave away her own child to a stranger, we would have to recreate - for our own use in reverse - a complicated film narrative. But if we assume that we are interested only in an accidental set of data, acting like fragments of scrolling information displayed on our wall; then this most exciting moment of the narrative will be enough to engrave in our memory as an image-symbol.
Thus, everything that remains.
Music for the film comes from the two artists: for you katrina and we will fail.

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