full length documentary, in production, 2021/2022
dir.Kasia Hertz
prod.Kultura Kresu
dop.Jan Szewczyk

Hybrids and Humans is a cinematic attempt to question the anthropocentric order, the rules of which determine the fate of non-human beings in a small town surrounded by a dense forest in eastern Poland. The film, currently in production, portrays the worldview of the residents of Bialowieza.  The pretext for a conversation starter, becomes a  young she-wolf, who for a few winter months walks the streets of the village, not aware of the consternation that her unusual behavior causes. Following her steps, I roam the streets of Bialowieza and the surrounding forest with my camera, chasing residents whom I ask seemingly innocent, wolf-related questions, in order to find out what they think and how they imagine the contemporary, past and future role of man in the biosphere of the planet. I specifically focus on the perspectives of local dogs, which represent the dual affiliation - both to the civilised and wild, especially that the she-wolf has a soft spot for them. Meanwhile, she also becomes an object of interests of the whole country, forcing local mayor and a group of scientist to forge a term "conflict", and stamp permission to "sort it out". This means - to get rid of the problem. Are there any ethical ways to solve the perpetual human-nature clash? What if I was the she-wolf?
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