middle length film, Poland/Germany | 1:1.66 | b&w |
dir. Kasia Hertz
dop. Claudia Schroeder
prod. Dffb, Kultura Kresu, Wrota Podlasia, Wiktoria Huber
planned release: September 2021

The film originates as the hybrid of flattened realism and speculated postfiction. The script consits of multiple scenes, presenting diverse characters; inhabitants of a small, polish town in a non time, somewhere between the socialist past and dystopian future. Each of the characters has his/hers ‚5 minutes’ on the imaginery stage, during which they declaim statements and comments, only seemingly „reasonable”. Together en masse however, they draw a portrait of only superficialy civilized species, lonely and grotesque while holding onto the given, not chosen parts in the repetitive spectacle. 

„They’ve gone on gabbling so a thousand years;
Who on the fools would waste a minute?
Man generally thinks, if words he only hears,
Articulated noise must have some meaning in it.”

Faust. A tragedy. Chapter 6. Witches' kitchen.
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